Canstruction Austin

Can30 Format

Teams coordinate their design and planning, acquire their canned food and other materials and build their structures at their offices. We encourage teams to rally their friends and colleagues to make monetary donations in support of their team.

Once constructed teams photograph/video record their structures and submit for judging in the competition. Complete rules & details will be provided to the Team Captain once the team is registered.

Here's the basics:

  • Structures have at least a minimum number of cans based on entry category
  • Building occurs over 30 days in your place of business 
  • Winners are selected by event judges for each category
  • Only the OneCan format qualifies to compete in International Canstruction. Can30 is local only.
  • Awards to best in each category
  • The top award for "Most Meals" competes across both formats and goes to the team with the largest combined food and monetary donation to the Food Bank


Team Registration Category: (Fee + Minimum required can count in structure)

  • Large Biz: 300+ employees, $1,200 + 2,000 cans
  • Medium Biz: 100-300 employees, $1,000 + 1,500 cans
  • Small Biz: 1-100 employees, $500 + 1,000 cans
  • Restaurant & Retail or Others: <50 employees, $250 + 1,000

Team Registration + Decanstruction: Add $150 to the amount above

Open Competition

Event Dates Have Changed 

This competition is open to all types of local

Small, Medium & Large Businesses, Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, Non-profit, Clubs etc.

Important dates:

  • Sept 12  Registration Deadline - 5pm
  • Sept 12  Can Opener (Kickoff) - 6pm
  • Oct 20 - Nov 1 Teams build
  • Nov 1  Teams submit photos/video
  • Nov 2  Judging - 8pm
  • Nov 6 The Canny Awards 5:30-7:30pm (WeWork Downtown)
  • Nov 2 - Nov 15  *Decanstruction

*Teams are responsible for taking down their own structures and  delivering the food donations to the Food Bank. For an additional $150 Decanstruction fee (to be donated to the CTFB) we will arrange for volunteers to do this work for you. 


The Canny Awards
May 1st, 5:30-7:30